Of documentaries, series, feature films, operas, etc., with diverse European, Asian, etc. original languages

• Closed Caption

Multiformat Delivery

We have a large team of professional translators for several languages (English, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Hebrew, Polish, German, Italian, Japanese, Swedish, French, among others), qualified proof readers that can adapt any interpretation required by full length feature films, series or documentaries, capable of processing more than 250 monthly show titles in a traditional format or virtual with a synchronized archive (.txt, .pac, .stl, .sub, etc.).

Our production centre is a digital server that stores and distributes video through the net in MPEG format, being able to install unlimited work stations. Our facilities are so versatile and equipped with the latest technological equipment in constant renovation, that we are able to work with multiple formats and norms.

Up to this date we have translated and subtitled more than 17.000 pieces, including feature films, series, concerts, operas, documentaries, various shows and corporate videos.